Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unfinished Projects

Many people, when starting a job, don't realize that the completed job will bring them so much satisfaction! I kind of feel sorry for those people who never finish anything. What a sad state that must be, to have so many unfinished projects laying around, staring at you... taunting you... I know what it's like, because I have a few of those myself!

Aren't you glad that when man fell in the Garden that God didn't just say, "Oh well! Guess that didn't work out... Moving on now..."? Aren't you glad that when Jesus was tempted He didn't give up and go Home and leave His sinless time on earth as an unfinished project? I don't know about you, but I am so very happy that Jesus didn't come down off that cross, calling 10,000 angels to come destroy the world and leave our salvation an unfinished project! I'm glad He didn't decide to stay in Heaven with His Father instead of coming back to life and leave our redemption an unfinished project! God is so good!

One of the things we see in Scripture is that, as a homemaker and virtuous woman, we have a lot of mandates upon us. If you're a wife or mother, then there are even more. 

The Proverbs 31 virtuous woman  is hard to find, which is very sad, but she is who we should strive to emulate. A virtuous woman protects the heart of her husband, adds to the finances of the home through hard work, and takes care of her own--even in the middle of the night. She cares for the poor, offering them food and raiment. She makes sure she is modest, even if she has to make her own clothes for that to happen. She isn't idle, but has a clean and very well-run, organized home. She seeks God and teaches Him to her children. She is truly a virtuous woman.

What if this woman left her tasks undone? What is she left all of her duties to become unfinished projects? Odds are, her heart would be straying toward another man and other men would be straying after her as she wore the latest fashion with its skin-tight pants and blouse that shows off enough cleavage to form the Grand Canyon. If she didn't care for the finances of the household, she would probably detract from them instead, being one of those woman who buy everything they see whether they have the money or not. Her servants and family, after working long, hard hours, would come home to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they made themselves because Mom spent all day on Farmville and is still not at a place that she can stop without losing everything she has worked so hard for. The poor would continue to walk around hungry, naked, and destitute. Her house would look like a tornado had trashed it, and her children would grow up without knowing God or seeing Him in her life. What a sad life for her... for her husband... for her children... To have all of those unfinished projects...

Let's not drop the ball... Let's not leave any unfinished "projects". Keep your eyes on God, your goal on the prize, and your hands busy! Don't let anything... especially your husband and children... fall by the wayside. And... if it already has, pick up the pieces and decide that from now on, you are going to finish every project God sees fit to give you!

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