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My Facebook page is an extension of "Becoming a Humble Homemaker". As I continue my quest to become that virtuous woman who thrives where she's planted, I'll post what I learn all about the home, rearing children, and being a servant of God! I'm hoping we can help each other in our quests.

The Facebook page, "Home, Health, and Heritage", will cover the "HOME": cooking, cleaning, canning, creating a relaxing and God-honoring environment, sewing, crafting, decorating, and more. I want my home to be one that's run efficiently, effectively, and frugally,and I plan to post what I learn in this quest.

We'll cover "HEALTH": both physical and spiritual and for both ourselves and our children.

We'll discuss "HERITAGE" (Psalm 127:3--"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord..."): homeschooling, training, parenting, pregnancy, growing our children to love God, and more.

It also gives you, my friends, the ability to follow me on my adventures in writing. It includes links to each new blog post so you won't miss any, posts regarding my published book(s), quotes and tidbits about books I am currently working on, and information about any other writing exploits I've decided to undertake. I also include special pricing, giveaways, and inside information from time to time that's only available on my page! Come visit me at "Home, Health, and Heritage"!

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