A Little More About my Family

Matthew Harvey, my husband of 11 years, boyfriend, sweetheart, provider, and hunky man is the man of my dreams. He is everything I could ever hope for or want. When God gave me my awesome husband, He gave me an unspeakable gift. He is a prayer warrior, awesome father, superb husband, church music director, and hard worker. I could never ask for anyone better!

This is a picture of our three girls and our son and I just goofing off. We enjoy doing things together, learning new things, and just being silly. Sierra is 9, Hannah is 7, and Rebekka is 4, and Samuel is 2 years old. After God and my husband, they are the love of my life.
My babies are best of friends and worst of enemies. They fight, squabble, and relentlessly torment each other, but quickly forgive and forget and go right back to loving each other like only sibblings can love. 

My angels work hard at keeping Mommy busy, getting into mischief, and asking for YET MORE food all day long, but I would be lost without them. 

Training and loving my children is my purpose in life second only to loving God and completing my husband. Being a submissive wife, good mother, and frugal housekeeper is my calling, my ministry. Without my family, I would be nothing. I need them, and it is nice to know they need me. I thank God everyday for giving me this ability to serve Him by serving them!

One way I can serve my familly is to bring in an income as the Proverbs 31 woman did. It's hard in this day to be able to completely care for your family and hold down a job too. I was going about my everyday life: loving on my four children, homeschooling, church secretary, author, and house wife, when opportunity hit me in the face. I had been an independent beauty consultant before when I was in college… 11 years ago. When presented with the opportunity to be an independent beauty consultant again, my wheels began to turn. Through Mary Kay, I could help others with their skin care needs and self-image while helping my family! The problem? The money to start wasn’t in our budget. However, I did have some money tucked away from selling my books. I dipped into that, knowing Mary Kay would pay off. I’m still in my first week, and I’m already having positive feedback and people wanting to buy products that will help nourish their skin.

I love the fact that with Mary Kay, I am my own boss. I can work however long or short ;-) I want. I admit that the hours have been long these past couple days trying to get my new business up and going, but I could take it slower if I wanted. However, if I move slower, my business will grow slower, and I want to get this thing up and going NOW. :-)

My husband and I have always wanted to save up money for retirement. In fact, we’ve tried many times and have had to use the money for car breakdowns, house trouble, and other big ticket problems. I know I will be able to build up our savings with Mary Kay.

I’m sure there are many other women out there who need to make a few extra dollars for whatever reason. I would like to help these women learn how they, too, can meet their goals through Mary Kay. I’m looking for women who want more than a 9-5 job; women who want to make a difference in the lives of others. If you’re interested in this chance of a lifetime, email me at Nishoni_Harvey@marykay.com.

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