Saturday, January 16, 2016

Time goes by so quickly. It seems like yesterday that the love of my life and I became husband and wife, and now we have four children. FOUR! Yep, we're one of *those* families. The oldest will be ten in just two short months, and the youngest is a rambunctious two year old. Yesterday has become today much too quickly.

From looking on the cherub face of our first baby too the most frustrating days I have ever survived, I wouldn't change a thing! Everything—every heartache, every tear, and every smile—was perfect. Looking back on those days, seeing how quickly they have passed makes me realize how short life really is. The Bible says our life is like a vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes away. It really is. It's here and gone.

One day, we'll look back and wonder what we've really done with our life. Have we been a good influence? Have we done enough? How will we be remembered? 

What have we done with our yesterdays? They have become our todays. What are we doing with our todays? They will shape our tomorrows! We cannot change our past, but we *can* change our future. What will you do today?

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