Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We started school yesterday. Oh! The drudgeries of school! No, I love teaching my children. I love seeing them grow and mature. I would hate to miss these formative years of their life. I know so many people are forced to work and miss that time with their children. I feel myself so blessed to be able to be home.

School. Right! Ahem… Anyway. School started well yesterday. We started a brand new curriculum yesterday—Rod and staff—so I was expecting yesterday to go, well, not so well. I was expecting snags and troubles, and trip-ups and trials, but all went well. Well. All except… Well, we’ll get there.

We stared school a week early so we could accommodate these “snags”. I figured if we could only do half days for 2 weeks to get used to the curriculum before starting our actual 5 day weeks, then we’d have time to settle in and get going right. Turns out, we didn’t need those half days after all!

Both girls finished their work, all their work, the first day of school. Sierra banged her head against the wall over History, and Hannah butted up against Bible, which was just “way too hard”, but they got it done! Sierra was done by close after lunch time. Hannah… Well, she was the “except”, the snag. She didn’t get done until supper time. All she wanted to do was play. I tried to talk her into a half day for the benefit of getting done for the day and picking it up tomorrow, but she’d have none of that. She wanted to complete that first day of school!

Sierra likes to rush through and get things done, but she never remembers anything she’s taught. Hannah likes to trudge on, one foot in front of the other, but she retains what she learns. How are you with your Christian life? Do you rush through and miss that precious time with our LORD, or do you trudge through, walking beside the Saviour, learning all you can?

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